Kalinzu Forest

The Kalinzu Forest Reserve is a dense forest area. The reserve is home to various primate species, especially chimpanzees or white-and-black colobus.
In addition to the primates, the reserve hosts a large number of bird species, such as hornbills or turacos.

Chimpanzee-trekking and birding

Early in the morning we start from Kasese to the Kalinzu Forest Reserve. On the way we drive past the Queen Elisabeth NP and cross the Kazinga Channel.
During the trip we observe the numerous birds of prey of the park and with a little luck we can see Uganda Kobs, water buffalo, waterbuck or elephant.
In the Kalinzu Forest we go with an experienced guide in search of the chimpanzees.
After photographing and watching the chimpanzees we leave the dense forest and go through a tea plantation at the edge of the forest. Here are many birds. With luck we will see a turaco or a hornbill.
Then we drive back to Kasese.


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