Kibale Forest National Park

The Kibale National Park is the most accessible rainforest in Uganda. Over 350 tree species have already been registered. Due to its height from 1110 m to 1590 m it has a very pleasant climate. The park has one of the highest primate densities in the world and contains the most primate species in Uganda. The main attraction is chimpanzee trekking. With more than 300 species of birds, Park is popular with birdwatchers. The forest is home to large herds of forest elephants, which are rarely seen.

Activities in the park

In morning and evening tours (duration approx. 2-4 hours) the chimpanzees can be experienced and observed in their natural environment. The hike also offers good opportunities for observation of other primates, such as the red and the black and white Colobus monkeys.

bird watching & primate observation (Bigodi Wetland)
Outside the park is the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary. There live over 130 species of birds. Guided hikes through open grasslands and wetlands provide excellent observations of birds and primates.


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