Queen Elisabeth National Park

Queen Elisabeth National Park is the most popular park in Uganda from a tourist point of view. Extensive savannah, rainy forests, lakes and wetlands characterize its landscape.
It is located in close proximity to Kasese and the Ruwenzori Mountains.
Following a trekking in the Ruwenzori, a stay in the park is a great option.

Activities in the park

Game drive
On early morning game drives or through Kasenyi, the Kazinga Plains and the Ishasha Sector, buffalo, antelope and elephant herds, as well as warthogs and baboons can be seen. With a little luck, leopards and tree-climbing lions can also be spotted. The game drives can be booked within the park one day in advance.

boat trip (Kazinga Channel, Lake George or Lake Edward)
On a boat tour, you have the opportunity to observe hippos and water buffalo from a short distance or to see elephants lingering on the shore. It is not uncommon to spot around 40 species of birds during a boat trip. As a rule, a ride takes 2 hours.

On a 3-4 hour hike in the Kyambura Gorge Wildlife Reserve, you will hike to a chimpanzee group that is used to people. On this migration, other primate species can be observed.


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