My name is Cornelius Byalemene. I was born in Kyahundu, a small village near the entrance to Rwenzori National Park, and live there with my family. My older brother took me to the mountains early on and trained me to become a senior carrier. In 2002, I became an official guide to trekking on the Central Circuit and climbing the Margherita Peak. Since 2006, as an official guide, I guide hikers and mountaineers on their own responsibility over the Central Circuit and the Margherita Peak. In recent years, I have guided tourists to other peaks of the Rwenzori such as the Mt Gessi, Mt Emin or Mt Speke via the Kibale Pass. I work with several guides, cooks and porters. We meet regularly for self-assessment and training. Out of a passion for trekking and tourism, I founded Rutara Tours & Travel LTD in early 2018. The aim of this company is to guide tourists to the peaks of the Rwenzori and to show them the beauty of the Rwenzori. I offer also wildlife watching tours to neighboring national parks such as Queen Elisabeth National Park, Kibale Forest National Park and Semliki Game Reserve.

Cornelius Byalemene


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